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The admissions process is designed for one single applicant, at a time. Note that the admissions process is done separately for each applicant if you are applying for more than one of your children. This includes both the application form and the application fee.


Paperless Application: Complete the ‘Application Form’ under the ‘Admissions’ - 'Apply Now' tab on our website.

All communications during the admissions process happen via email. Therefore, view your inbox for updates on the entire process.



This is an optional stage where you may enquire about the admissions process at If enquired, you are most likely to be directed to the Admissions Packet.



It is crucial that you read the entire admissions policy before you go any further. This document lays out the policies of Harbour International School along with other relevant information that you would need to know before applying to H.I.S.



Check out our Application Checklist which gives a list of all the information and documentation that you are required to provide at the time of the application form filling. We suggest that you do not begin filling the online application form until you have all the documents ready to upload on the application form. 


Pay Application fee

On our website pay the application fee of INR 2,000 under the payment tab in the Admissions page. You can only proceed with the following steps once you have paid the application fee and have the fee receipt number ready to enter into the application form. 


application form

In order to expedite the admission process and eliminate any typos or errors during the digital record keeping of the applicant's information, we have a comprehensive application form on our website that is filled directly by you. 

You do not have to finish the application form in one attempt. You can at any time Save the application form and continue later.


Application assessment

After the submission of the Application Form, the admissions team will assess the application file and determine the student’s readiness for testing. 



Once the application form has been assessed and approved, the applicant will be requested to come for testing their academic levels and their placement in the appropriate grade level. The details of the testing appointment will be provided to you via email. 


enrollment offer letter

This is an optional stage where you may enquire about the admissions process at If enquired, you are most likely to be directed to the Admissions Packet.


Fee Payment

You can log onto our website and make the Admission & School Fee payment based on the amount on the invoice provided to you. 

Refer to the ‘Tuition and Fee’ document in this packet or online to see the costs and payment methods.


acceptance letter

Once the entire amount is received by the school, we will send an Acceptance Letter  with the applicant’s enrolment number. Only when you receive this letter, is the admission and enrollment final and official. The letter will give you further information and you will then be provided with a new student-family packet. 

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