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  • When can I apply or submit the application form to Harbour International School?
    You can apply and submit the application form at any time of the year. Your child may be given an offer letter for the nearest upcoming quarter/semester, depending on their readiness.
  • How long does the admissions process take?
    Typically the admissions process takes anywhere from 5-7 working days, including a day of admissions testing. There may be certain factors that may extend this duration, such as, special needs testing etc. But we are committed to make the process as smooth and fast as possible.
  • What is the maximum number of students in a classroom?
    H.I.S. believes in low student to teacher ratios to provide effective and personal growth for students. The maximum number of students within a classroom may vary between 15 - 20.
  • What extracurricular opportunities do you have?
    The curriculum at H.I.S. is designed to be holistic and wide in nature, thus, giving students a broad experience and learning in various areas and departments. The curriculum itself over the course of multiple quarters provides courses such as physical education, music, art, drama, building and construction, etc. We also aim to provide after-school optional extracurricular clubs for students to be a part of and pursue their areas of interest. These clubs are not guaranteed throughout the year but may happen in some or all quarters of the school year. They may range anywhere from adventure club, cooking & baking club, sports clubs, music clubs, art club, carpentry club, macgyver club, computer club, dance club, etc.
  • Do you provide transportation for students?
    No. We do not provide transportation for students from home - school and vice versa. However, for any field trip or camp, the school will provide transportation from the school to the trip location and back.
  • Does H.I.S. provide school meals?
    We may or may not be able to provide optional school meals available for purchase. If we do provide meals, you will be able to place an order at the start of each quarter by filling out a lunch order form for the entire quarter. We do not include meals in the annual school fees because of varying food choices and dietary restrictions of our diverse and multicultural community. Equire about school lunches during the admissions process.
  • Do you provide boarding facilities?
    No. H.I.S. is a day school only.
  • What are the school timings?
    The school starts at 8:20 am and ends at 2:30 pm. The after school clubs go from 2:45 - 3:45 pm, typically. Minor modifications to the schools timings may be made year to year.
  • How many days a week at school?
    Monday - Friday (5 Days a week)
  • Do you have summer and winter holidays?
    We have a long summer break for all of June and July, for our families to have the chance to travel back to their homes and spend a substantial amount of holidays with family. We also have a substantial amount of holidays for the winter break, both to enable families to spend Christmas and New Year together and also to avoid the peak of the cold in Dehradun.
  • Are there school uniforms?
    Yes. We have school uniforms that are for purchase. The New Student-Family Packet gives information about it.
  • My child is not fluent in English, can they still apply to H.I.S.?"
    Yes, we aim to accommodate students with English as their second language. To do so, we may recommend the student into an ESL program offered at H.I.S. which incurs additional charges to the annual fee. The school reserves admission rights, if the student has very little to no English.
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