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Our preschool program is designed to be flexible and fluid to mold within your personal family lifestyle to a great extent. We eliminate the painstaking rigidity of timings and pressure to meet daily obligations but within a broader weekly parameter of structure and shape. This helps you to keep the pressures off your shoulders while also keeping learning fun and exciting for your child for each week. 

Kinesthetically Equipped

We realise how important kinesthetic learning is for younger children. Therefore, we will enable a highly hands-on experience for the children through the use of tangible learning tools and manipulatives.

Gradual and Progressive

Children are quick learners, who adapt and grow over time. Therefore, we recognize the importance of increments of work, challenge, and interactive time in a gradual and progressive manner within the course of months, quarters, and semesters. 

Parent Equipping

We not only focus on equipping, orienting, and preparing the students for the weekly and daily learning goals but also provide consistent and well-planned parent sessions of orientation to best assist your child in their learning process. 

Digitally Interactive

Our curriculum comes with an independent device app that facilitates a highly robust digital interaction between parents and teachers to make the learning process more purposeful and effective, each step of the way. 

Student Stamina

Our awareness goes beyond the academic requirements of the program. HIS is conscientious of the limited stamina and capacity that children of this age have for online classes. Therefore, we have blended multiple creative solutions into the program such as short yet meaningful online sessions, gaps within the synchronous meetings, relaxed fluid learning pockets, etc. As the children get older and develop more stamina to engage in class over a screen, we will adapt and grow with them to meet their needs. 

Socially Engaging & Inclusive

The pre-school children will have an added advantage of being part of school and experiencing a sense of belonging with the other school children thus increasing their social interaction with the larger body of the school. 

Evidence & Record-Based Growth

Our choice of curriculum, model, and platform is deeply evaluated and thought through to provide comprehensive evidence and record-based learning charts for you to know that your child is not just having fun at school but making significant progress in their learning as a child. 

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