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Head of Admin (Office)

A ‘Head of Admin’ is appointed as a leader and mentor to various departments under the office. The role expects complete oversight, leadership, and supervision to ensure all personnel within each department are performing according to their role/position, and to personally see that each task is accomplished in each department. This role works closely with the Principal in making decisions, and maintaining quality and compliance of the school at the highest standards in each area. This role expects all non-academic operations of the school to be conducted, performed, and fulfilled, either directly or through teams and personnel, appointed within the support staff. 


HIS is keen on welcoming someone who is willing to have a hands-on mentality and approach, is committed to go above and beyond at times, and embraces servant leadership. 

Job Type: Full-Time

Joining: Between April - June 2023

Remuneration: We provide local salaries to all our staff. Discussed during the interview. 

Working School Days: Monday - Friday

Holidays: 4 week summer, 2 week winter, national holidays, and medical & personal leaves

Educational Requirement: A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in any field. 

Work Experience: A minimum of 5 years of work experience in an office & admin environment.



Vision, Heart & Call

  1. A strong connection with the vision, mission, and values of HIS

  2. A clear conviction/calling of serving through leadership

  3. A heart to serve, develop, grow and influence

Technicality & Skill

  1. Big Picture mindset, yet detail-oriented 

  2. Highly Organized & Self-Driven (Creative Problem Solving)

  3. Leadership over the support staff

  4. Assisting the faculty in all areas

  5. Capable & skilled to interact with external entities (vendors etc.)

  6. Good communication skills, both in English & Hindi

Work Ethic

  1. Committed and Reliable

  2. Proactive and Initiative

  3. Integrity and Honesty

  4. Team Player and Adaptable

  5. Teachable Attitude

  6. Great Communicator

  7. Servant Hearted 

The Opportunity

  1. Come alongside a vision, not just a job.

  2. Spearheading a truly international start-up school in Dehradun, India.

  3. Serving and impacting a multi-faith student and parent body

  4. Healthy & meaningful community

  5. Leadership within the office/role

Unique Proposition

  1. An international school with a multicultural community

  2. Focus on Mentoring and Coaching

  3. A professional yet family oriented work environment & relationships

  4. Growth and development focussed, both personal and professional.

Work Culture
& Environment

  1. Intentional focus on each individual thriving as a person. 

  2. Ownership in the vision

  3. Multi-ethnic culture

  4. Excellence Driven

  5. Growth Mindset

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Instagram: harboureducation

Facebook: harbourinternationalschool 


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